Late-Breaking Abstracts

The 4th PAS Congress Late-Breaking Abstracts are now available.
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Late-Breaking Abstracts must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. The topic must be of critical importance to the clinical/scientific community and/or the public
  2. The abstract must be report data that became available for public dissemination only after the deadline of the regular abstract submission (October 15, 2021), and has not been previously published or presented.
  3. The study and results reported should be novel (not simply an extension of previously published work) or be definitive of confirming or refuting other critically important work.
  4. The following categories are typically suited to the main poster sessions and will not be considered for Late-Breaking Abstracts: case reports, qualitative surveys, reviews of existing treatments, practice reviews, rating scale validation, small confirmatory studies, small scale epidemiology studies, research proposals.
  5. The Late-Breaking Abstract program is not designed to favor investigators who inadvertently missed the deadline for regular abstract submission.

Late-Breaking Abstract Publications Citation  

To cite a PAS published Late-Breaking Abstract, follow this example:  

[Author’s Last Name], [Author’s First and Middle Initials]. (year). Pan American Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Congress. Late-Breaking Abstracts, [Abstract Title], [pages].